Merit de Jong

After graduating from my studies in drawing, painting and graphics at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (1992), I led a fairly nomadic existence until 2007. This ranged from living and working in various homes throughout the Netherlands as part of the “Huis Oppas Dienst (Housesitting Service)” to spending six months living and working in Brittany. It was a profound period in my life during which I gained a lot of inspiration, although I made little use of it at the time.

In addition to creating artworks on paper and wood, I have acquired photographic skills over the past years. Here, the starring role has been reserved for the beauty of nature perceived from all angles.

I have combined these different disciplines and, since 2011, have been creating digital collages using my own photographs and other images, including very old portraits. In this venture, Photoshop has replaced the trusty classic palette and associated traditional painting implements.

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