Hans Petersen.


Hans Petersen has been a top fashion and celebrity photographer in The Netherlands for more than twenty years. In fact it would be hard to find a Dutch Celebrity than hasn’t been photographed by Hans for one of the well known Dutch glossies. After graduating from the School of Photography in The Hague, Hans worked for several years as an assistant for photographers in Amsterdam.

All had  different specialities, so when the time came for him to start out on his own he was, in fact, really an “all-round” photographer shooting subject matter from still life to high-end fashion and everything in between.

It wasn’t long however, before Hans started to shoot more and more fashion. When magazines such as Playboy and FHM asked him to photograph models with slightly less clothes on, Hans realised he had found his true vocation in life.

His boyish charm and his capability to put models at ease is something that makes him truly special. “It’s fun to work with someone who can not only leave his ego at the door, but is also capable to work with difficult models in impossible locations and still come up with the goods” a magazine editor once told me. Quite frankly that describes Hans perfectly.


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